FAQ Summary

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. If you have a question that is not listed here then please let us know.

What is a Text Word?

A text word is a unique identifier with a list of subscribers. They are used to advertise and allow others to subscribe. You can later send messages to all the subscribers on a Text Word.

You create a text word by going into Textwords --> Manage Textwords. Scroll to the bottom, and you will see a “Create new textword” area.

You can customize the reply message your subscribers receive when they opt into your alerts. That is the last option.

What do I do - the text word I want isn’t available.

That’s ok! There are a few things you can do. You can choose another. You can add numbers to the end of the word you want, but nothing too long or it won’t be memorable. Or you can upgrade to Premium.

Premium plans have Any Text Word technology. With ATW, you have unlimited choices for text words.

Multiple Textwords - is this something I need?

Muliple textwords are great for aggregating your client and team lists.

If you have a big team, you will want your directs on one text list, leaders on another, and entire team on another for updates, announcements, shout outs, and text blasts.

For customers, sort them out based on their needs or the things you sell. If you have multiple businesses, you will want at least two text words.

If you have two popular lines of products that bring in different customer bases, two text words will be important as to capture the interest of those customers.

How does someone subscribe to my textwords?
Your customers, team members, i.e. subscribers will text the word you registered (your textword) to your signup number. By default, your signup number will be (570) 354-0797.

Example, if you have a text word SHOP, then texting "shop" to (570) 354-0797 will subscribe the sender to SHOP.
How do I update my textword?
Yes - changing your text word is relatively simple.

Go to the Textword menu. Then Manage Textwords. On the right, you will see a pencil with the word EDIT. Click on that, and choose your new text word. It will bring you to a new page to edit your text word.

If your new choice is not available, you will be prompted to choose another word. If you decide you do not want to change, click the Go Back button in the middle. If you want to delete the text word, click on the DELETE button. This will delete the text word and all contacts associated with it.

How can I get more textwords?
How many additional textwords can I have at once?
As many as you want. There is no limit.
Where can I see how many additional textwords I have?
Details about each of your additional textword subscription(s) are listed at the bottom of your account summary.
How do I cancel my additional textword(s)?
You can cancel through PayPal or via the textword subscription listing at the bottom of your account summary.
Who has subscribed to my texts?

You can see who subscribed to your texts in the View Subscribers menu.

Go to Textwords --> View Subscribers. Choose a textword. Click View Subscribers. You can see 20 subscribers at a time. Use the right and left arrows at the top or bottom of the page to go forward or backward in your list. You can also see Date and Time of when they subscribed to that text word.

How do I get people to subscribe to my texts?
There are plenty of ways, so let’s brainstorm together.
  • Everyone who subscribes in a certain window of time is entered to win something
  • Everyone who subscribes in a certain window of time gets free shipping or a percentage or amount off their next order
  • The Nth subscriber gets free shipping or a percentage or amount off their next order
  • If you have a Facebook Group or Business page, hold a contest there, with a screenshot their return text message from you after they subscribe. Pick a winner from those comments.
Messaging and Text Credits
What is a Text Credit?

Text credits are the currency of LimitlessAF, used to send SMS and MMS messages to your Text Word subscribers.

Sending a text message with links, text and no images - you will spend one credit per phone number you send the text to.

Sending a text message with images, text and/or links - you will spend two credits per phone number you send the text to.

What do SMS and MMS mean?
  • SMS stands for Short Message Service (also referred to as a text message). Costs 1 text credit each.
  • MMS stands for Multimedia Message Service. This type of message includes photos, video, or other types of content. Costs 2 text credits each.
Can I add links to my messages?

Yes! You can add links to texts. Add in your group link, your Shopify link, a ShopTheRoe link - whatever you’d like to make it easier on your customer to shop.

We recommend that you check with your subscribers to confirm if messages with links are being delivered. If any troubles come up, please let us know.

How do I send a text message to my subscribers?
Click on "Send Message" on the navigation bar. Select the text word you want to send to. Enter your message. Select Image (optional, and available to Premium and Standard membership levels only). Click on Send Message.
Can I schedule messages in advance?
This feature is currently in development and will be available soon.
Can I send images?

Yes! Standard and Premium level members are able to send images in texts. These types of texts cost 2 credits per text. They can be sent in the Send Message menu. Select your text word group to send to, upload your image, type any other message you wish to accompany the image, and click send! There is a preview on the right.

How do I manual subscribe someone to one of my text lists?

Click on Text words -> Manual Subscribe. Select the text word the subscriber would like to opt into. Enter in the phone number and click “Send subscription notification.” Click on the Subscribe button and voila! You have manually subscribed someone to your text list.

How does someone stop receiving texts? (Unsubscribe)

A current subscriber can reply STOP to your text. That will unsubscribe them from that textword.

Alternatively, subscribers can email support@LimitlessAF.com to be removed from a particular list.

Can I see who stopped my texts?

You can not see which numbers specifically have opted out.

For Standard and Premium membership levels, you can see a graph report of sign ups and stops over a period of time. That graph can be found in Textwords --> Subscription Reports. Select a textword to graph, and click View Subscribers.

How frequently should I be texting?

That’s a tricky question, but easily answered. Set the expectation with your subscribers when they opt in and stick to your plan.

If you tell your subscribers that you will text them every time you go live or have a sale, then follow through with that frequency of texting. If your subscribers are expecting 4 times a month, then 4-6 is a set expectation. Going over your limit too much puts you at the risk of spamalicious behavior. If your subscribers are anticipating texts only when new product arrives, then make sure to only text then.