Important Message about LimitlessAF

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry to announce that LimitlessAF will be closing down soon.

As of 8/31/19 you will have the ability to more easily view and save all phone numbers subscribed to each of your text words. This is to help migrate to other services. In addition, your account will be promoted to Premium membership and unlimited textwords at no cost to you and all recurring charges will be canceled.

Tentatively, the LimitlessAF website will no longer be available or processing signups starting October 1st of this year.

Please use the next month as an opportunity to switch to another texting service and instruct your subscribers to subscribe to the new service. After shutting down, we will be refunding the appropriate amount to anyone with significant credits left.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Questions and Answers

What is a Text Word?
A text word is a unique identifier with a list of subscribers. They are used to advertise and allow others to subscribe. You can later send messages to all the subscribers on a Text Word.
How does someone subscribe to my textword(s)?
Your customers, team members, i.e. subscribers will text the word you registered (your textword) to your signup number. By default, your signup number will be (570) 354-0797.

Example, if you have a text word SHOP, then texting "shop" to (570) 354-0797 will subscribe the sender to SHOP.
Will I be able to change my text word once it’s setup?
Absolutely! You may change the word itself and the response that is given when someone subscribes.
Can I send images?
Images are sent as MMS messages and requires Standard membership. These will cost 2 text credits each.
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Service Tiers

With LimitlessAF, you have three tiers of membership to choose from. Upgrade or downgrade any time without losing your credits. Pick the tier that works for you, when you need it.
Explore LimitlessAF and see if it's right for you and your customers. We give you 50 credits to get a jump start on promoting your business. Upgrade any time with no commitments.
On top of Basic benefits, Standard membership will give you an edge with additional text words, access to MMS Messaging, message statistics, and the ability to schedule messages for the future.
On top of Basic and Standard benefits, Premium users will have access even more text words to organize your communities. You'll get exclusive access to our most powerful feature yet: AnyTextWord Technology, where even the most exclusive text words can be yours.
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Contact Us

Contact us with issues, suggestions on future features or products, or to learn more about what we have to offer.

Coming Soon

LimitlessAF is hard at work. Expect updates to our Texting Service and watch out for new products!